First of all I couldn’t find an english translation of the word “Bongian”. It is an Urdu word (Spoken primarily in Pakistan and some part of India). The language sounds exactly like the modern day Hindi. Basically the word “Bongian” is an Urdu slang which mean randomly talk which makes no sense at all. It’s upto you if you wanna make sense out of this blog or jus have fun.

In the meantime, here’s the intro….

Since moving to the US back in 2005, I always thought that there should something out there to help guide the new Pakistanis getting here. FOB, waddup, word would only be a few words that would be new to your dictionary. As scary as the cultural shock sounds, it actually sounds fun few years later and make up for some great dinner table jokes. This is just a start with no end or plan in mind and that’s exactly how I felt when I moved here some 8 years back!!!